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Project "Implementation of Ecohydrology - a transdysciplinary science - for integrated water management and sustainable development in Ethiopia" no 62/2012
The Project is co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme 2012 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland


The fifth research year was mainly directed at the following priorities:


  1. Laboratory analysis
    • Analysis of physicochemical parameters(nitrogen and phosphorus, chlorophyll a, etc.);
    • Qualitative and semi-quantitative assessment of toxigenic cyanobacterial strains responsible for production of microcystins;
    • Analysis of microcystins in water and cells by using screening test (ELISA) and liquid chromatography (HPLC);
    • Analysis of concentration and toxicity of dioxins and dioxin-like compounds and heavy metals;
  2. Supervision of project implementation
  3. Preparation of publications, reports and presentations.


  1. Activity 1: Efficiency analysis and optimization of the constructed sedimentation-biofiltration systems (SBS) in Asella Biofarm Park and the city of Debre Tabor (Gumera River catchment).
    • Monitoring of the SBSs functioning (collection of water and sediment samples and their analysis in terms of nitrogen, phosphorus, POPs and oxygen concentrations, and conductivity and pH, parameters);
    • Optimization of the SBSs functioning on the basis of the obtained monitoring results;
    • Re-applying of geofibres on the stream banks in order to reduce soil erosion and downstream transport of organic and mineral matter;
  2. Activity 2: Analysis of the dynamics and mechanism of formation of toxic cyanobacterial blooms in two different ecosystems (Lake Tana and Koka Reservoir).
    • Monitoring of physico-chemical parameters of water (temperature, oxygen concentration, pH and conductivity), concentrations of phosphorus, nitrogen and chlorophyll a;
    • Microscopic analysis of biomass and species composition of phytoplankton;
    • Quality assessment and densitometric (semi-quantitative) analysis of the presence of toxic cyanobacterial strains responsible for the microcystins production;
    • Analysis of cyanobacterial hepatotoxins - microcystins- using ELISA screening test
      and high performance liquid chromatography;
    • Evaluation of the toxicity of microcystins by protein phosphatase inhibition (PPIA).
  3. Activity 3: The dynamics of the algae succession (toxic and nontoxic strains) in small fish ponds used as a source of drinking water for farmers.
    • Evaluation whether ponds used for fish production allow for simultaneous use as a source of drinking water through monitoring of nitrogen and phosphorus concentration, and phytoplankton, zooplankton, and fish density and biomass in selected fish ponds.
  4. Activity 4: Restoration of productivity and biodiversity of the landscape in the field complex of pasture-crop-stream (river basin Ribbe)
    • Restoration of the eroded land of the pastures landscape by using geofibres and phytotechnology;
    • Reduction of land overdrying in the agricultural landscapeby creating amid-fieldafforestation(shelterbelts) combined with fruit trees in order to reduce the wind speed, wind erosion (compensation of the lost farming area by production of fruits);
    • Formation of ecotone zones to prevent bank erosion and construction of small rock dams for reduction of bed erosion of the stream.
  5. Activity 5: Improvement of the efficiency and quality of the tilapia (fish) stocking material
    • Developing methodology for using zooplankton in to improve the quality of juvenile fish and their growth rate;
    • Improvement of the energy balance in fish ponds by reducing heat loss during the night.


  1. Reports:
  2. Publications:

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