September 13 and 14, an Inception Workshop on WWDR 2018 was organized at the premises of the WWAP secretariat in Perugia. The workshop was attended by over 30 experts in the field of water with a wide variety of backgrounds such as water resources, economics, environment, social sciences, gender and policy.
W Europejskie Regionalne Centrum Ekohydrologii PAN gościł Prof. Jin-song Guo oraz Wen-juan Ouyang z Key Laboratory of Reservoir Aquatic Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, (Chongquing, China).
On June 15, 2016, European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology in co-operation with University of Łódź, Department of Applied Ecology organized a short scientific course for school children aged 12-15 years old, taking part in the international educational project Erasmus+ “Little Scientist” theme “WATER” carried out by Łódzkie Stowarzyszenie Oświatowe.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USA

Last modified: 23 May 2016
Memorandum of Understanding between International Center for Integrated Water Resources Management (ICIWaRM) under the auspices of UNESCO of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Institute for Water Resources, and European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland) was signed on 17th May 2016.
W dniu 11 maja 2016 r. odbył się wykład Profesora Williama Mitscha z Florida Gulf Coast University (USA) pt. „Phosphorus and Nitrogen and carbon, OH MY! The watershed and global roles of wetlands in mitigating pollutants”.

XVI Festiwal Nauki, Techniki i Sztuki w Łodzi

Last modified: 28 April 2016
W dniach 18-25 kwietnia w Łodzi obył się XVI Festiwal Nauki, Techniki i Sztuki. Na Łodzian czekało kilkaset wydarzeń naukowych, kulturalnych i artystycznych przygotowanych m. in. przez łódzkie uczelnie oraz instytucje naukowe i kulturalne.
W dniu 5 kwietnia 2016 r. odbył się wykład Profesora Andrzeja Kędziory pt. „Znaczenie struktury krajobrazu dla regulacji krążenia wody, przepływu energii i obiegu materii oraz przeciwdziałaniu globalnemu ociepleniu”.

EcoSummit 2016

Last modified: 18 March 2016
The 5th International EcoSummit Congress, EcoSummit 2016 - Ecological Sustainability: Engineering Change, will take place at The Corum Convention Centre, Montpellier from 29 August – 1 September 2016.

ESOF 2016

Last modified: 18 March 2016
The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) is a biennial, pan-European, general science conference dedicated to scientific research and innovation. Each conference aims to deliver stimulating content and lively debate around the latest advancements and discoveries in the sciences, humanities and social sciences.

Aquaculture Summit 2016

Last modified: 18 March 2016
Aquaculture summit 2016 is the event that brings together a unique and International mix of experts, like aquaculture engineers, researchers and decision makers both from academia and industry across the globe to exchange their knowledge, experience and research innovations to its world aquaculture conference.

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