Signing Project of "2011 International R&D Institution Mission to Chongqing"

Last modified: 15 November 2011

Date: October 22, 2011

Director Prof. Maciej Zalewski and Deputy Director Dr Katarzyna Izydorczyk attended the open ceremony of International R&D Institution Mission to Chongqing at Chongqing Sheraton Hotel, during which the Agreement on "Joint Research Centre on Ecohydrology" between ERCE PAS (Poland) and Faculty of Urban Construction & Environmental Engineering, Chongqing University (China) was signed.



The agreement is promoting close and friendly relations between the Parties, and being aware of the rapid expansion of scientific knowledge, wishing to broaden the scope of scientific and technological cooperation through the creation of the  Joint Research Centre (JRC), and by this securing cooperation within the below given fields.
The 2011 International R&D Institution Mission to Chongqing was launched in Chongqing Municipality on October 22. The Committee for the International R&D Institution Mission to Chongqing announced that over three hundred domestic and overseas experts from the top 500 enterprises in the world and international R&D intuitions, including the winner of 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, has come to Chongqing. The theme of the mission is "new force of Chongqing science and technology - from world of Chongqing". The mission is aimed at facing the world based on Chongqing. It will be more pragmatic and more innovative. Guided by industrial need in Chongqing, centering on such fields as bio-tech and medicine, new materials, environmental protection, communication technology, modern cooperation on the basis of exchange and communication. As a bold attempt for regional government S&T cooperation, RDIM will make and important contribution to building S&T center on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and conducting extensive S&T cooperation between Chongqing and other regions in the world.



Prof. Maciej Zalewski (Director European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology u/a UNESCO PAS) and Prof. Jinsong Guo (Deputy Dean, Faculty of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering, Chongqing University) signed the Agreement on Joint Research Centre on Ecohydrology.

Agreement on Joint Research Center on Ecohydrology

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