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Photographic Competition

Last modified: 04 April 2008

River Valleys – In Harmony with Man and Nature

The European Regional Centre on Ecohydrology under the auspices of UNESCO in Lodz, Poland in cooperation with
Apsys Management Ltd., Culture-Entertainment-Trade Centre Manufaktura and scientific magazine „Świat Nauki” is undertaking the challenge of popularisation and promotion of sustainable, man-and-nature-friendly use of river valleys. The Competition serves as a visual supplement to the international scientific conference “Ecohydrological Processes and Sustainable Floodplain Management: Opportunities and Concepts for water hazard mitigation, and ecological and socioeconomic sustainability” (19-23 May 2008, Lodz, Poland).


The persons who are aware of the importance of good quality water resources and sensitive to the beauty of river valleys are offered a possibility to present their photos showing different appearances of contemporary rivers. This will also provide them with an opportunity to participate in the promotion of the development of sustainable practices in the management of floodplains.

The photographs will be divided into four thematic categories:

  • Natural river valleys;
  • Degraded river valleys;
  • Reclaimed river valleys;
  • River valleys developed in harmony with man and nature.



The location of exhibition: Culture-Entertainment-Trade Centre Manufaktura in Lodz, Poland

Photo submission deadline: 3rd May 2008

The Competition is open, which means that each individual can participate regardless of their age, occupation and country of origin. The photograph’s entry into the Competition can be through e-mail or regular mail according to the entry procedure. An integral part of the entry procedure is sending a completed entry form available via the Organizer’s website (online version).
All photographs should have a digital form and meet the condition of the following parameters:

  • file format: TIF with LZW compression or JPG with maximal quality available for Competitor;
  • Preferred picture resolution to be between 5500 x 4000 pixels up to 3500 x 2500 pixels;
  • Minimal approved resolution is 1700 x 2500 pixels;
  • Either portrait or landscape orientation is acceptable (5500 x 4000 pix. or 4000 x 5500 pix.).

Photo description, according to the entry form, has to contain: Name, surname and full address (with e-mail and telephone number) of the author of photos together with full name and place (the country) of the river photographed (if it is a small river, less than 200 km in length, please also give the name of the main river basin) and suggested category and title of submitted photograph.

All details about Photographic Competition can be found in Regulations at the Organiser’s website:


Attractive prizes are foreseen for the Winners.

The Competition final is planned for 22nd May, that is one day before the conference on “Ecohydrological Processes and Sustainable Floodplain Management: Opportunities and Concepts for water hazard mitigation and ecological and socioeconomic sustainability” has ended.

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