Director of ERCE is seeking a Master level Scientist in domain of mathematics, environmental engineering or any other environment-related discipline

Last modified: 06 March 2019

Candidate will complement our team in the H2020 project nr 689682 "Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers — AMBER" Time load and type of employment: contract of mandate, offer 1 PM (140 hours), employment period 15.03.2019-15.05.2019.


Development of automatic substrate classification based on hydromorphological unit type, depth and local flow rate in river using mathematical modelling methods for purpose of HORIZON 2020 AMBER (no. 689682) — Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers in frame of WP2 - Impacts of Barriers on Stream Habitats and Natural Capital and tasks: T2.2. Assessing stream barrier effects on geomorphology and habitat structure and T2.3. Modelling stream barrier effects under different scenarios of climate change.

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