On the 8th of March 2006 in the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, the Director General of UNESCO, Koichiro Matsuura, and the Minister of Science and High Education of Poland, Michal Sewerynski, signed an agreement on the establishment of the European Regional Centre on Ecohydrology under the auspices of UNESCO in Lodz, Poland.
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Ecohydrology was definied in a frame of the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP). Ecohydrology is a transdisciplinary and applied science. It uses the understanding of relationships between hydrological and biological processes at the catchment scale to achieve water quality improvement, biodiversity enhancement and sustainable development.
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News and Events
We are excited to announce that the euPOLIS project, an innovative philosophy of urban planning incorporating nature-based solutions (NBS) in the urban landscape, now starts a process of planning interventions in 4 demonstration cities.
W zakresie współpracy, planowane jest m.in. wdrożenie Ekohydrologicznych Rozwiązań Bliskich Naturze, które mają pomóc mieszkańcom regionu w bardziej zrównoważonym zarządzaniu wodą.
European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology of the Polish Academy of Sciences is a partner in international euPOLIS project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program. The euPOLIS project, an innovative urban planning methodology, developed through nature-based solutions to enhance the health and wellbeing of citizens in 4 European cities kicked off in September 2020. The euPolis project is coordinated by the National Technical University of Athens. The project will integrate the knowledge and experience of 28 entities from around the world, including four European cities: Piraeus, Belgrade, Łódź and Gladsaxe.
Badania naukowe, w których Kandydat miałby uczestniczyć dotyczą zadań realizowanych w ramach projektu zintegrowanego LIFE „Implementation of River Basin Management Plan in the Vistula basin on the example of Pilica river catchment" o akronimie IP LIFE PL Pilica Basin CTRL.

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